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We strive to live life in balance and to our fullest potential. We believe in non-toxic living, whether it be in products we use, food we consume, our environment or our thoughts. We believe in cultivating our unique selves naturally and existing in our truth – whatever form that may be

We are lovers of nature and believe it is critical to respect and protect our environment

Our blogs and posts aim to inform, educate and delight you on every aspect of daily living through adventure, food, activity, get-aways, retreats, knowledge, fun and stillness.

Our products are created with organic ingredients which offer a higher count of Antioxidants, Vitamins, Mineral Salts, Essential Fatty and Amino Acids. These essential nutrients are crucial for skin-cell function and repair.

We are lovers of animals and as such, no products or product ingredients are ever tested on animals.

ABOUT OUR SKINCARE: We are proud to have developed organic, anti-aging skincare formulations with natural ingredients that work cohesively with the skin’s molecular structure to achieve real beauty results without harmful chemicals.

Natural Anti-Aging: Collagen and Elastin boosting actives and powerful antioxidants are the transformative ingredients in Eco Diva skincare formulations including Vitamin A (natural alpha hydroxy) and Vitamin E. The range has been developed with anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and deeply moisturizing properties that feed the skin with the nutrients it needs to assist in rejuvenating collagen production, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, plumping the skin and allowing that fresh, youthful glow to shine through.

The range is designed for all skin types and crosses over the age, race, gender barriers, offering products for all human skin. With ‘biology smart’ skincare solutions the products are multi-purpose and have multi-function usage, like the hero elixir Face Serum that also works as a nourishing beard oil, or the highly nutritious Body Oil that works beautifully as a shaving oil for men and women. The ever popular Crème Brûlée Body Butter not only feeds & nourishes the skin all over, but works wonders for preventing scarring during pregnancy as well as being an excellent barrier to prevent nappy rash in babies. All products are also soothing and healing for any skin irritations or eczema.

Products are currently available through our retail shop 115 Waterkant Street, De Waterkant, Cape Town, as well as beauty salons and spas and via our online shop www.ecodiva.co.za

What Eco Diva Stands For: Only testing on humans, Eco Diva range is organic and completely non-toxic, chemical-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, petrochemical-free, sulphate-free, vegan-friendly and proudly made in South Africa.

Founder Nicole Sherwin is an ecopreneur and is wildly passionate about the environment, wellness and social responsibility. She worked in L.A for 6 years, where she created a non-profit event & expo; The Green Lounge Experience, interviewing celebrities about their healthy lifestyles, the charities they support and their health & skincare regimens. After returning to Cape Town in 2010, Nicole joined Simply Green magazine as their editor. She was then invited to join the team as the DIY eco expert on SABC 3’s Expresso morning show. 2 years and over 80 natural formulae later, Nicole became known as ‘Eco Diva’. With requests from viewers to make her DIY formulae into products, she set about finding an Eco-certified laboratory in Cape Town. 15 of her recipes have been trialed, tested and perfected to make up the Eco Diva Anti-aging Skincare range and 6 recipes have been transformed into Eco Diva Home, an eco-friendly, bio-degradable cleaning range.

Nicole has published many articles on sustainable living, healthy lifestyle and how to live chemical-free in Simply Green magazine as well as Journal of Natural Medicine, all4women.co.za, Woman24, Odyssey and Wellness Warehouse magazines.

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