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    We want to love you even more this #FLYJULY with our SPECIAL

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  • What’s in a Jar? Chemical Nasties to Watch out for

    ‘Free from parabens, petrochemicals, SLS and animal products’
    What does this mean and why do we care? Find out all about becoming a more conscious shopper.

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  • Is Hyaluronic a Healthy Acid?

    Hyaluronic acid for skin packs a fortune of skin-boosting benefits, including mega moisture.
    It’s become an increasingly popular ingredient in serums and moisturizers for its superpower hydrating and anti-aging abilities. That’s why we LOVE it and want you to share in its benefits

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  • End of Batch Sale

    Stock up on your faves and SAVE – End of batch SALE

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  • Catch Nicole on SABC3’s Afternoon Express Thursday 28th February

    Live from 4.00pm

    After joining SABC3’s Expresso family almost 5 years ago as the cosmetic chef; Eco Diva, Nicole took her favourite recipes and worked with highly skilled biochemists to create the best formulae possible t0 launch the Eco Diva brand…

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      Hello gorgeous Divas & Dudes It’s that love month of Valentine coming up and we’ve prepared 4 fabulous LOVE bundles just for you to spoil either yourself solo, spoil your love and spoil the special people in your life. Save and show your love by gifting the ultimate in healthy skincare. #FLY (FirstLoveYourself) #OWNYOURHEALTH …

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  • Launching our new #DIVAGLOWSHIMMER

    It’s launch time and we’re all beside ourselves with excitement here at Eco Diva to showcase our hottest new baby, just in time for summer. When I started experimenting on this latest product, there were 3 key focus areas that were super important for me. The first was to create a glamourous, yet natural-looking skin …

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  • In Flight Safair – #DIVAGLOWSHIMMER

    Eco Diva’s #DIVAGLOWSHIMMER in SAFair In Flight Magazine

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  • Relaxing Bath & Foot Soak – Review

    We just had to post this as it really sets the stage for just how divalicious our Bath & Foot Soak experience is… Thank you Tanya, for your heart & soul review… we LOVE it!   “We all love getting presents, and the best presents are the ones you receive for no special reason or …

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  • 8 Quick Fixes to Combat Stressed Winter Skin

    If you’re anything like me, my skin seems to feel a bit like a prune in winter as we constantly change from from the cold outdoors to heated indoor environments and the air seems to be much drier and harsher on our skin. In summer, your skin is able to sweat more, allowing moisture to …

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