SAVE 10% and create a happy baby condition when you buy our trio of multi-use products for baby. All you need to keep your bundle of joy healthy, clean, pampered and happy.

With our multi-use range of all-age skincare products, parents can feel 100% at ease, knowing all of Eco Diva’s products are so natural and gentle that they are perfect for babies’ delicate skin too.

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(Gentle Calming Wash Gentle Calming Shampoo Créme Brulée Body Butter)

GENTLE CALMING WASH 200ml – Our totally natural Gentle Calming Wash is soft, refreshing and anti-bacterial and is formulated to cleanse, hydrate, and nourish baby’s skin, leaving their skin conditioned, fresh, healthy and feeling soft and smooth.

Benefits: Improves mood. Assists in repairing skin damage. Promotes skins elasticity. Prevents rashes. Hypo-allergenic.

GENTLE CALMING SHAMPOO 500ml – Essentially natural, naturally essential. Our shampoo is light and soft for baby’s young hair. Fresh, and naturally calming, it can be used daily to cleanse and freshen hair from root to tip, encouraging new growth. Feeds the scalp with natural, anti-bacterial agents, leaving baby’s hair silky soft and fresh.

Benefits: Feeds the scalp with natural, anti-bacterial agents.

CRÈME BRÛLÉE BODY BUTTER 100g – Silk & Cream. We got you covered. Ultra-calming and made with omega-rich shea butter and vitamin enriched coconut oil, our Crème Brûlée Body Butter is great for babies’ skin as it melts on contact, leaving their skin feeling soft and deeply moisturized. Lovely for gentle massage.

Benefits: Protects skin from harsh elements.  Feeds skin with nutrients. Maintains ultimate hydration. Soothing for rash or eczema. Heals nappy rash.

Multi-Use Product: Baby Bum Cream: Use as often as needed instead of petroleum-based Vaseline to prevent & /or soothe nappy rash. Scalp Treatment: For cradle cap, gently massage into baby’s scalp for a calming, soothing treatment.

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