When luxurious pampering is the essence you are after, this dynamic duo of hydrating Scrub & rich Crème Brûlée Body Butter is a true bounty of love & kindness. Save 10% while gifting someone with wings to #FLY-First Love Yourself



All over Glow-Getter. Our luxurious and deeply moisturizing dark sugar & oil-based exfoliant removes dead skin cells, invigorates circulation and offers super-hydration all in one. Rejuvenating & revitalizing.

Multi-Use: Body Oil: No need for extra moisturizing after use. Benefits: Boosts circulation and assists in cell regeneration and collagen production to reveal fresh, toned, vibrant and glowing skin.


Silk & Cream. We got you covered. Our ultra-luxurious body butter is formulated with omega-rich shea butter, vitamin enriched collagen boosting coconut oil.  Formulated to match the skin’s molecular structure, the ingredients allow healing from the outside in, with the vital nutrients it needs. Leaves skin silky-smooth, healthy and feeling deeply moisturized, glowing without being greasy.

Multi-use: Hair Repair Treatment: Feeds the scalp and hair follicles for healthy regrowth. Can be used as an effective, leave-in repair treatment or styling agent for increased healthy shine. Eczema Relief: Apply generously to affected areas. Rash Relief: Apply as often as needed. Scar Relief/Prevention: Apply 2-4x per day. Benefits: Protects skin against free radical damage.  Feeds skin with nutrients. Maintains ultimate hydration. Prevents ageing.


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